Early Outcomes With Transparent Hydrogel Corneal Inlay for Correction of Presbyopia

Saturday, April 26, 2014: 1:36 PM
Room 155 (Boston Convention and Exhibition Center)
Julian Theng, FRCOphth, MMed, Eagle Eye Centre, Singapore, Singapore

Narrative Responses:

To report early clinical outcomes in presbyopes implanted unilaterally with Raindrop® corneal inlay in the non-dominant eye with and without concurrent LASIK from a single center in Singapore.

Eighteen (n=18) patients were implanted with Raindrop Near Vision Inlay unilaterally in the non-dominant eye and centered over the miotic pupil.  If needed, concurrent laser ablations were performed targeting a postop refraction of +0.75 D.  Manifest refraction, distance (6 meters) and near (30 cm, 40 cm, and 50 cm) visual acuities were collected at preop, 1W, 1M, and 3M.

Mean age (range): 50.8 (35 to 63) years old at preop.  At 3M postop, 11 out of 18 patients were available for analysis with an average (inlay eye) MRSE of -0.66 D and uncorrected distance VA of 6/8.5.  Uncorrected near VAs (30 cm, 40 cm, and 50 cm) showed 41%, 81%, and 81% of eyes were N5 or better respectively, with a preferred working distance of 43 cm.  100% of patients were satisfied or very satisfied.  2 inlays were exchanged during surgery, one was damaged and the other was wrinkled.  1 inlay became decentered at 1W and was later removed.

Raindrop delivered very consistent near improvement of N5 or better at various near distances measured.  Low complication rates and high patient satisfaction make this a valuable surgical tool in my armamentarium to correct presbyopia.