Comparison of Various Contact Lenses for Visual Rehabilitation in Irregular Cornea

Saturday, April 18, 2015: 1:26 PM
Room 3 (San Diego Convention Center)
Jatin N. Ashar, MD

To compare contact lenses (RGP, Rose K2, Rose K NC, Rose K PG, Rose K IC, Kerasoft, Clearkone hybrid, MiniScleral and scleral CL) for fitting ease, number of trials & fitting parameter.

Retrospective analysis of patients presenting to the contact lens clinic from Jan- Dec 2013. Patients with irregular cornea were fitted with various CL during the trial period. Number of trials required to achieve the final lens fit, subjective improvement, chair time, time needed to learn insertion and removal of lens and final visual outcomes were analyzed.

9 RGP, 22 Rose K2, 5 Rose K NC, 9 Rose K PG, 2 Rose K IC,2 Kerasoft, 7 Hybrid, 6 Minisclearal, 12 scleral. Final fit achieved-mean trials 3- Rose K, 5-RGP, 4-Kerasoft, 4- scleral, 3-Hybrid. Patient comfort maximum for Rose K2, Rose K NC and hybrid lenses. Time required learning insertion -maximum for hybrid and sclera CL. Good visual outcome achieved with all.

Rose K and hybrid lenses provide good fitting in fewer trials. Scleral lens and kerasoft need multiple trials and increased chair time.