Emirates Protocol: Keratoconus Treatment by Simultaneous High-Tech-Laser Solution and Accelerated 18 mW/cm² CXL

Sunday, April 19, 2015: 8:11 AM
Room 5B (San Diego Convention Center)
Safwan AL Bayati, FRCS, FICMS

To assess the effectiveness of Emirates Protocol in keratoconus (KC) treatment.

Forty KC eyes underwent Emirates Protocol using high-tech-laser has aspheric transepithelial topographic aberrometric-guided PRK laser-guided by corneal high-order aberration (HOA) Management that has 2 modules (refractive and pyramid) to select the clinical significant HOA and the best refractive error and the HOA Management incorporates HOA and refractive error algorithmically  taking into consideration: optical zone must cover the outer border of the cone, and resulted thinnest point is not less than 300 µm postop. Immediately followed by accelerated collagen. Pre- and postoperative include: refraction, topographic-tomographic corneal map, and anterior OCT with minimum follow-up of 24 months

Thirty-eight treated eyes showed rapid healing of epithelial surface within one week. 2 eyes showed delay in healing for 4 weeks. 38 eyes showed gradual vision improvement within the first month. The improvement in uncorrected distance visual acuity and corrected distance visual acuity was very clear in the first 12 months, but very slight improvement till 24 months. The 40 eyes are stable up to 24 months.

Emirates Protocol is an effective therapy that regularize the ectatic corneal surface, reduce spherical equivalent and corneal HOA in a remarkable way to improve the visual function of progressive keratoconic eye without over correction nor increase of existence myopia.