Biaxial Phaco—Free HOA and Free Induced Astigmatism Surgery

Tuesday, April 21, 2015: 10:21 AM
Room 4 (San Diego Convention Center)
L. Felipe Vejarano, MD

To evaluate the efficacy, reliability and safety of minimal incision with respect of induced astigmatism, change in HOA, change in elevation and corneal power.

Number of cases showing the real effect of the microincision phaco (1 mm) in corneal power changes, corneal elevation, HOA, induced astigmatism even to have to enlarge main incision (2 mm) to introduce the IOL, also the ideal shape of the main and side port incision (OCT view) to avoid risk of leakage.

Until now 311 eyes with follow up since 1 week to 3 years; the change in corneal power was 0.1 D. and elevation change was 0 Microns measured by Pentacam and the induced astigmatism measured by Main Km, Cosen law, Vector Analysis and subtraction of the corneal astigmatism was less than 0.1 D. in all the measurements except at the first week where was 0.111 D., the change in HOA was less than 0.017 microns in spherical aberration and less than 0.04 microns in coma, the ideal configuration will show with OCT images.

MICS had proved to be better than a standard phaco, not only in incision size but in the fluidics control and endothelial cell damage, even this technique demand a little more skills, after pass the learning curve this technique is much benefit for the patient and for the surgeon.