First Clinical Results With a New Trifocal Toric IOL in Cataract and RLE Patients

Monday, April 20, 2015: 4:17 PM
Room 4 (San Diego Convention Center)
Jerome C. Vryghem, MD

To determine the objective and subjective quality of vision after implantation of the FineVision PodFT Toric IOL (PhysIOL), a trifocal toric diffractive IOL, in measuring visual acuity, defocus curve, contrast sensitivity, ray-tracing and in submitting a questionnaire to the patients.

Twenty eyes of 10 patients were implanted with the FineVision Toric IOL since February 2014. Only patients with a cylinder of -1.5D or more and a desire to conserve their reading capacities were selected. The IOL is calculated by means of the online Physiol Toric calculator. The horizontal axis of the eye is marked pre-operatively using a Mastel Marker. The IOL is implanted through a temporal 2 mm incision and aligned according to the marks applied prior surgery.

The quality of vision was assessed by recording the uncorrected and best corrected visual acuity at 40 cm (near), 60 cm (intermediate) and 5m (distance) and by establishing a defocus curve. The contrast sensitivity was also measured without glare on the CVS-1000 (Vector Vision). The alignment of the lens was checked by a split-lamp examination after dilatation and by ray-tracing using the toric module of the i-Trace. A questionnaire was provided to estimate the subjective outcomes for the patient.

Preliminary results show a good predictability and satisfying results for both patient and surgeon. The final results will be known within 3 months as the study is still ongoing. This abstract will be adapted taking in account the final results.