Comparison of Accuracy of Haigis Formula With Hoffer Q and Srkii in IOL Power Calculation in Eyes With Short Axial Lengths

Monday, April 20, 2015: 8:11 AM
Room 5A (San Diego Convention Center)
Laxman S. Jhala, MD

To compare the accuracy of Haigis formula with Hoffer Q and SRKII in IOL power calculation in eyes with short axial lengths.

In this prospective and interventional study on 25 eyes with senile cataract and axial length between 18 to 21.99 mm were included. Preoperative slitlamp examination, refraction, autokeratometry, and axial length measurement by contact method was done. IOL power calculation was done by Haigis, Hoffer Q and SRKII formulas. Clear corneal phacoemulsification was done and foldable IOL was implanted according to Haigis formula. Results were compared based on one month postoperative refraction.

Out of the 25 eyes, 21 eyes had residual refractive error within +- 0.50 D, 1 had -0.75 D, 2 had -1.0 D and 1 had +1.0 D in these eyes in which IOL was implanted as calculated by Haigis formula. If compared with HofferQ and SRKII the residual refractive error would have been more than +1.0 in 21 eyes.

As shown in the results, accuracy of Haigis formula was proven beyond doubt in eyes with short axial lengths as compared with HofferQ and SRKII in calculating IOL power.