Evaluation of the New Oval Suction Ring in Flap Making During Myopic LASIK

Sunday, April 19, 2015: 3:33 PM
Room 3 (San Diego Convention Center)
Mohamed El-Kateb, MD, PhD
Abdelhamid S. Elhofi, MD

To evaluate the new oval suction ring in flap making during myopic LASIK.

This case control clinical study will include 60 eyes of 30 patients with myopia and myopic astigmatism seeking refractive surgery. All cases will have LASIK using the EX-500 (Alcon Wavelight) laser machine. The flap making will be done using the one-use-plus (OUP) SBK Moria microkeratome. In every patient, the flap making will be done using the standard rounded suction ring in one eye and the new oval ring in the other eye. The dimensions of the flap and the hinge will be measured using a caliber intraoperatively.

Will be submitted later.

Will be submitted later.