Astigmatism Correction With Light-Adjustable Lens

Monday, April 20, 2015: 3:41 PM
Room 5B (San Diego Convention Center)
Shamik Bafna, MD
William F. Wiley, MD

To present results of astigmatism correction achieved after adjustment of an implanted UV-light adjustable lens following cataract surgery.

Eyes with corneal cylinder 0.75-2.00D undergoing cataract surgery are implanted with the Light Adjustable Lens (LAL: Calhoun Vision). Adjustment of lens power to correct residual spherical error and astigmatism is done 17-21 days post-op, followed by an optional second adjustment, and then two treatments to lock in the lens power. The goal was to reduce all residual astigmatism to ≤ 0.50D.

The LAL shows good stability within the capsular bag. At one week post lock-in, over 90% of patients have less than or equal to 0.50 D of cylinder.

In patients with preexisting astigmatism, my initial results demonstrate that the LAL is capable of reducing astigmatism.