Customizable IOL: Full-Sized Lens Created Inside Existing IOL Using Laser-Induced Refractive Index Change

Monday, April 20, 2015: 3:56 PM
Room 5B (San Diego Convention Center)
Ruth Sahler, Dipl.-Phys, MSc Med Phys
Josef F. Bille, PhD
Sean Enright
Somaly Chhoeung
Kevin Chan
Justine Matten

To use a femtosecond laser to build a lens within the lens to permanently and predictably alter the  refractive index of a standard acrylic hydrophobic intraocular lens (EC-1Y, Aaren Scientific) maintaining the existing  MTF and Air Force Target measurements of the existing lens.

A manufacturing setup with a laser (MaiTai HP, Spectra Physics), a dispersion unit (DeepSee, Spectra Physics), an AOM (Gooch and Housego), a 2D scan system (Newson), ultra-precise 3D linear motor setup (XM Series, Newport) and a high numerical aperture microscope Objective was used to alter the refractive index of an Aaren hydrophobic lens. The MTF and Diopter measurement was performed using the Nimo 0815 (LambdaX) and the Air Force Target was measured using a EFL bench (The Pilot Group).

The diopter of a number of standard Aaren lenses was altered by up to 5 diopter positively and negatively in a permanent predictable fashion. The MTF measurement of the original lens was reduced by 0.04 or less for the 50 lp/mm measurement point and the 2D lenses and a 3mm aperture. The Air Force Target measurement for mono-focal lenses showed no change in comparison to the original lens measurement.

The Method can be used to create predictable and permanent refractive index changes within an implanted Aaren hydrophobic lens.