Intraocular Lens Exchange and Repositioning for Treatment of Dysphotopsia: Visual Outcomes and Patient Satisfaction

Saturday, April 18, 2015: 3:11 PM
Room 5A (San Diego Convention Center)
Moness Masri, MD
Xavier Campos-Möller, MD
Tessa A. Weinberg
Chris J. Rudnisky, MD MPH
Ike K. Ahmed, MD

To describe visual outcomes, symptom resolution, and intraoperative/postoperative complications in patients undergoing intraocular lens (IOL) repositioning or exchange for dysphotopsia.

Retrospective chart analysis of consecutive patients undergoing IOL exchange or repositioning for postoperative dysphotopsia. Primary outcome measure was symptom resolution as reported by patient (complete, partial or none). Secondary outcome measures were uncorrected distance visual acuity (UDVA), corrected distance visual acuity (CDVA) and complications.

We included 37 eyes of 36 patients (average follow-up 14.89 months, range 3 – 80). 31 underwent IOL exchange and 6 IOL repositioning. 70% had complete symptom resolution, 27% had partial resolution, and 3% no resolution. Mean preoperative UDVA (LogMAR) was 0.54 ± 0.59 and 0.44 ± 0.50 postoperatively (p = 0.248). Mean preoperative CDVA was 0.39 ± 0.53 and 0.31 ± 0.50 postoperatively (p = 0.218).  Three eyes (8%) developed cystoid macular edema after surgery, 2 of which resolved.

Most patients (97%) reported complete or partial improvement of their symptoms after IOL exchange or repositioning for dysphotopsia. There was no statistically significant change between preoperative and postoperative UDVA and CDVA.