Cataract Surgery Combined With Trabecular Micro-Bypass Stent Implantation in Patients With Open-Angle Glaucoma: 3-Year Follow-up

Sunday, April 19, 2015: 1:21 PM
Room 1A (San Diego Convention Center)
George H. Beiko, BM BCh

To determine the effectiveness of IOP control following combined cataract surgery and trabecular micro bypass stent implantation.

Retrospective analysis of the first 100 patients selected for trabecular micro bypass stent implantation surgery.   The patients had visually significant cataracts and medically controlled open angle glaucoma.   6, 12, 24 and 36 month data regarding number of topical medications and intraocular pressure was collected.

Data on 90 patients was analyzed.  All patients received 1 stent except for 11, who received 2.   The average age was 78.80 +/- 7.022 yrs; 25.56 % were diabetic.   The preop IOP was 16.767 +/- 3.837 mm Hg (range  9 – 26 ); there was  a statically significant decrease to 15.310 +/- 2.776 mm Hg (range 9 – 21 ), P=0.004 at 6 months; the IOP remained at the same level at 12 months, 15.885 +/- 3.307 mm Hg (range 8 – 23 ).    There was a statistically significant decrease in the number of topical glaucoma meds at 6 and 12 months (P= 0.000).   24 and 36 month follow-up data will be compared to the 6 and 12 month data

Trabecular micro bypass stent implantation at the time of cataract surgery offers an opportunity for glaucoma patients to be able to decrease their reliance on topical glaucoma medications.