Initial Experience With Toric Lens Tolerant of Misalignment

Tuesday, April 21, 2015: 8:26 AM
Room 5A (San Diego Convention Center)
George H. Beiko, BM BCh

To present the initial experience in patients implanted with a new hydrophilic toric lens (Precizon, Ophtec BV) designed with a transitional conic surface which is supposed to be more forgiving of misalignment.   Theoretically, this lens may be misaligned by 100% over traditional toric lenses to have the same loss of effect on astigmatism correction.

Patients with greater than 1.25D of corneal astigmatism presenting for cataract surgery were enrolled in the study.   Initial experience with lens handling, implantation, unfolding and alignment will be presented.  The first 10 patients implanted with this lens will be evaluated at the 3 month period for lens misalignment and to determine the degree of effect this misalignment has on the correction of the intended astigmatism.  Comparison will be made with traditional toric lenses.

The visual acuity, refraction, residual astigmatism and toric misalignment at the 3 month postop period will be presented.

These will be presented.