Comparison of Femtosecond Laser Arcuate Incisions With Accommodating IOL and With Toric Accommodating IOL Using Intraoperative Aberrometry for Guidance

Sunday, April 19, 2015: 3:31 PM
Room 4 (San Diego Convention Center)
V. Nicholas Batra, MD

The purpose of this study is to compare outcomes of astigmatism correction in accommodating intraocular lenses using either femtosecond arcuate incisions to correct astigmatism or a toric accommodating IOL to correct astigmatism and presbyopia.

A retrospective chart review of patients that received an accomodating intraocular lens with femtosecond arcuate incisions or a toric accommodating intraocular lens in 2014 at one center with one surgeon (V. Nicholas Batra MD) will be presented. All  patients will have had femtosecond laser assisted cataract surgery and intraoperative aberrometry. Primary endpoints will include complications, uncorrected distance and near visual acuity, residual astigmatism and best spectacle corrected acuity.

The study currently has about 40 patients and we will continue to add patients throughout this year. At present there is no statistical difference in the two groups. We will update the results after enrollment ends.

There are two primary ways to correction astigmatism in patients that desire an accommodating IOL. This study at present shows no statistically significant difference in these two groups. We hope to stratify the data to subgroups to provide guidance on astigmatism correction in these patients.