Penetrating Keratoplasty Performed With Femtosecond Laser Zig-Zag Incision: Updated Suture-Out Results

Monday, April 20, 2015: 9:08 AM
Room 1B (San Diego Convention Center)
Matthew Wade, MD
Roger F. Steinert, MD
Sumit (Sam) Garg, MD
Marjan Farid, MD
Hannah Muniz Castro

To report visual and astigmatism outcomes in patients who underwent zig-zag femtosecond laser enabled keratoplasty (FLEK) with subsequent full suture removal.

Retrospective study at a referral academic practice evaluating uncorrected and corrected distance visual acuity (UDVA, CDVA) as well as manifest (Mrx cyl) and topographical (Topo cyl) astigmatism. Data are presented for the 142 eyes with full suture removal estimated to have good visual potential (> 20/30) preoperatively.

Full suture removal occurred on average 1.21 years [standard deviation 0.94] after FLEK. Data are presented for the last recorded visit.  UDVA mean LogMar was 0.74 [SD 0.43].  CDVA mean LogMar was 0.25 [SD 0.26].  Mrx cyl was 3.4 Diopters [2.1].  Topo cyl 4.9 Diopters [3.2].  Data will be further updated by the time of presentation.

The zig-zag FLEK incision results in good vision and astigmatism after suture removal.