Comparison of Clear Corneal Incisions Created Using Femtosecond Laser With Keratome Using Intraoperative AS-OCT

Sunday, April 19, 2015: 8:11 AM
Room 4 (San Diego Convention Center)
Somshekar Nagappa, MD
Sudeep Das, MD, DNB
Rohit Shetty, DNB, FRCS
Mathew K. Kummelil, MD

To compare morphology of clear corneal incisions created using femtosecond laser with clear corneal incisions made using manual (2.2mm) keratome in phacoemulsification surgery using in vivo intraoperative anterior segment spectral domain OCT.

The morphology of clear corneal incisions (CCI) created with femtosecond laser was compared with those created with manual (2.2mm) keratome in age matched subjects using intraoperative microscope mounted OCT and on the 1st day and 1 month postoperatively using an AS-OCT. Endothelial Gaping (EG), Descemet’s Detachment (DMD) and Wound Coaptation (WC) was assessed after entry, after Wound Hydration, 1 day (POD1) and 1 month post op (PO1). Fisher’s Exact test was used to test for significance.

Twelve eyes were included in the study. In 6 eyes femtosecond laser assisted clear corneal incisions was done.  Manual (2.2mm) keratome clear corneal incisions was done in the rest. There was no significant difference on ASOCT in Endothelial Gaping, Descemet’s Detachment and Wound Coaptation after entry, after hydration, POD1 or PO1 month.

Clear corneal incisions created by Femtosecond laser and by Manual keratome do not significantly differ in wound morphology upto 1 month postoperative period.