Long-Term Follow-up of LASIK Cases With New Flaps After Initial Partial Flaps

Sunday, April 19, 2015: 2:01 PM
Room 3 (San Diego Convention Center)
Ramon Naranjo-Tackman II, MD

To establish the long term visual results in LASIK cases with a reported partial flap that underwent a new flap cut, with successful laser treatment.

A retrospective review of 6523 LASIK cases intervened from January 1999 and September 2003, was done, searching for cases that were reported to have a partial flap, that interrupted the first procedure, and were retreated successfully creating a new flap. Microkeratome, complications and both corrected and uncorrected visual results, were evaluated.

Twenty-two eyes from 22 patients, were reviewed, for a Partial flap. In 15 left eye was affected. Time to recut and treatment: 3.78±1.68 Mo. Microkeratome: Hansatome (57.8%), Moria 26.3%, BD K-3000 15.8%. New flap cut: Hansatome microkeratome 100% of cases. A 180 μ flap in 89.5% of eyes. UAVA, BCVA, Topographic evaluations for postop control. UAVA PreOp: 1.11±0.14, Pre ReCut: 1.10±019, Last exam: 0.05±0.10. BCVA PreOp: 0.06±0.14, Pre ReCut: 0.07±0.06, Last Exam: 0.03±0.07 .Sph Eq PreOp: -5.51±4.35, Pre ReCut: -5.56±4.12, Last Exam: -0.60±.58. 9 eyes had an small cut in the lower eyelid, corresponding to the microkeratome (Hansatome).

A Partial flap, even though a complication for LASIK procedures, doesn’t seem to affect final UAVA or BCVA, when patients are reintervened, with a successful flap, compared with other LASIK cases.