Microfibro Cellular Proliferation Over Anterior Surface of Foldable  IOLs in Postoperative Period: Cause, Prevalence, and Implications

Saturday, April 18, 2015: 3:54 PM
Room 5A (San Diego Convention Center)
Deepak Megur, FRCS Ed

To report the occurrence of micro fibro cellular proliferations extending from the CCC margin on to anterior surface of foldable IOLs.

This is a prospective comparative study involving 140 eyes that underwent uneventful phacoemulsification for age related cataract at a single center by a single surgeon using a standardized technique. 70 eyes were implanted with single piece hydrophobic IOLs and the other 70 eyes with single piece hydrophilic IOLs. High resolution slit lamp photographs and High definition video, focused at the CCC margin and the IOL junction were taken at the end of 1, 3, 6, 12 weeks and 6 month postoperatively. The photographs were analyzed sequentially for the presence of any micro fibro cellular growth over the anterior surface of the IOL at the CCC margin and the IOL Junction.

Sixty-seven eyes (95.7%) with hydrophobic lenses showed micro fibro cellular proliferation while no proliferation was seen in any of the hydrophilic lenses. The growth over the lenses had both the fibrous and cellular component. The fibro cellular growth was active during the third week and the 12 weeks but gradually begins to resolve after 12 weeks.

The micro fibro cellular growth over the anterior surface of the hydrophobic lenses seals the CCC margin to the anterior surface of the IOL It appears to be due to reaction of the anterior capsule cells induced by the nature of the material of these Hydrophobic acrylic lenses. This could explain the sticky nature of the hydrophobic lenses and may play the role in the relatively lower incidence of PCOs in these lenses.