Distance, Intermediate, Near Visual Outcomes, and Patient Satisfaction After Implantation of Progressive IOL

Tuesday, April 21, 2015: 8:56 AM
Room 4 (San Diego Convention Center)
Jiri Pasta, MD, PhD
Iveta Nemcova, MD, PhD

To present preliminary results of Czech part of international multicentric study with implantation of progressive IOL – Bi Flex M.

Four women, 6 men, age: 48 – 67 years (mean: 60.78 years), cataract without any other eye pathologies, corneal astigmatism < 1.5 cyl. Bilateral cataract surgery was performed with one surgeon using the same surgery protocol. Postoperatively, all patients were examined at day 1, 7, month 1, 3, 6. The uncorrected, corrected distance, intermediate and near visual acuity – monocular and binocular, were measured with ETDRS charts. Detailed slit lamp bio-microscopy, contrast sensitivity and binocular defocus curves were examined at all patients at 3 and 6 months follow up. All patients were questioned after 6 months follow up with standardized Visual Functional Questionnaire.

Binocular uncorrected distance visual acuity: M3: 0.8 and better 100%, 1.0 and better 88%, M6: 0.9 and better 100%, 1.0 and better 88%. Binocular uncorrected intermediate visual acuity: M3: 0.63 and better 56%, M6: 0.63 and better 100%, 0.7 and better 63%. Near uncorrected intermediate visual acuity: M3: 0.63 and better 100%, 0.8 and better 86%, M6: 0.7 and better 100%, 0.8 and better 88%. Defocus curve in comparison with competitive trifocal IOLs: significantly better near and distance vision in case of progressive Bi-flex M and competitive intermediate vision. The overall patient satisfaction (VFQ test) had score 9.4 out of 10.

The concept of Progressive-Appodized-Diffractive technology: not compromised distance and near vision, competitive intermediate vision. Bi-Flex M provides patients with above average distance and near vision (median 1.0 and 0.8 respectively) and by competitive intermediate vision (median 0.8 binocular). 100% patients - glass independent. Photopic phenomenas present minimally. High satisfaction of patients.