Corneal Densitometry Using Scheimpflug Imaging System: Normative Data

Sunday, April 19, 2015: 1:47 PM
Room 4 (San Diego Convention Center)
Swati Tomar, MD

To describe normative data for corneal Scheimpflug densitometry of normal participants of Indian population.

Total 50 healthy participants were recruited for assessment (100 eyes). Left and right eyes considered separately. All participants assessed using corneal densitometry analysis add-on to standard software of Oculus Pentacam. Densitometry measurements obtained and expressed in standardized grayscale units (GSU).

Thirty-two were males and 18 were females.Mean age was 26.32 years (range 5-70 years). Mean anterior corneal densitometry was 17.46 GSU and mean posterior corneal densitometry was 7.47 GSU. Anterior corneal densitometry was significantly higher than posterior layer (P<0.001). No sex difference was seen.

This add-on to standard imaging software allows rapid and objective assessment of corneal densitometry. This normative data for Indian population may be used as reference facilitating research, complementing clinical examination by identifying corneal diseases.