Early Visual Outcomes With Toric Extended Range of Vision IOL

Monday, April 20, 2015: 3:57 PM
Room 4 (San Diego Convention Center)
Sanjeev Kasthurirangan, PhD
Anne Buteyn
Neil lawrence Murray, FRANZCO
Dean Corbett, MD BSc

To assess the 1-month postoperative outcomes of a toric extended range of vision intraocular lens (TECNIS® Symfony IOL*, Abbott Medical Optics) in patients with cataract and corneal astigmatism.

Prospective, bilateral, nonrandomized study in two sites included patients for cataract surgery implanted with the TECNIS Symfony Extended Range of Vision IOL. Patients received either the non-toric model (ZXR00) or toric models (ZXT150, ZXT225 or ZXT300) based on preoperative corneal cylinder after accounting for posterior corneal cylinder using a nomogram. One month after surgery, the distance corrected intermediate and near visual acuities, defocus curve, residual refractive astigmatism and patient satisfaction were evaluated.

Data from 7 toric patients (14 eyes) and 17 non-toric patients (34 eyes) at 1 month showed 100% achieved binocular uncorrected distance VA of 20/25. Toric and non-toric groups had similar binocular corrected intermediate (66 cm) VA of 20/20 (logMAR Toric: -0.02±0.05; non-toric: -0.05±0.08); binocular corrected near (40 cm) VA of 20/32 (Toric: +0.21±0.16; non-toric: +0.16±0.09) and depth of focus at 20/40 VA (toric: 2.71±0.70 D; non-toric: 2.77±0.36 D). Toric group mean preoperative corneal cylinder of 1.97±0.55 D reduced to mean post-operative refractive cylinder of 0.57±0.46D. Overall satisfaction for uncorrected vision was similar between toric (86.7%) and non-toric (82.4%) groups.

Early clinical results demonstrated no difference in visual outcomes between the non-toric and toric versions of the TECNIS Symfony Extended Range of Vision IOL and high levels of overall patient satisfaction.