Comparison of 2 Biometers: Partial Coherence Biometer Versus New Swept Source OCT Biometer Related to Biometric Data

Tuesday, April 21, 2015: 11:11 AM
Room 1B (San Diego Convention Center)
Ekkehard Fabian, MD

To compare biometric readings in comparison between two different techniques in biometry.

Prospective study of 84 patients undergoing cataract surgery. All patients were measured preOP with the PCI Biometer (IOL-Master 500) and the full-eye swept source OCT Biometer (IOL-Master 700). Outliers were checked with the Fixation Check Feature.

Relevant data for biometry as axial length, keratomtry and anterior chamber depth are correlating highly significant. 99.5 % of measurements with the two biometers can be predicted with high significance (ke Pearson = 0.995 – p=0.000). Comparing deviations of axis measurement difference are below 0.25 D.

The results of both biometers are comparable and correlate highly significant. Fixation Check reduce outliers. ULIB constants can be used on both biometers without the need of new optimization. These data are the basis for further measurements with the new swept source OCT to reduce errors for the predicted effective IOL position.