25-Gauge Lensectomy and Vitrectomy for Congenital Cataract

Sunday, April 19, 2015: 4:06 PM
Room 1B (San Diego Convention Center)
Luiz F. Hagemann, MD
Jonathan C. Lake, MD

To report a surgical approach for congenital cataract using 25-gauge trocars and vitrectomy probes through the clear cornea.

Retrospective case series of three infants with congenital cataract that underwent lensectomy and anterior vitrectomy using vitrectomy probes through clear cornea 25-gauge trocars. Anterior capsulorhexis, lensectomy, posterior capsulorhexis, and anterior vitrectomy were performed in this manner without use of ophthalmic viscoelastic devices or other surgical instruments.

All three subjects remained aphakic according to surgical planning. No complications related to anterior chamber depth, intraocular pressure, and inflammation were observed postoperatively.

Lensectomy and vitrectomy using 25-gauge trocars and vitrectomy probes may be a safer and easier surgical option for congenital cataract by use of smaller incisions  and less surgical steps.