Comparative Analysis of 2 Tips in Phacoemulsification System

Tuesday, April 21, 2015: 11:07 AM
Room 3 (San Diego Convention Center)
Francisco Pastor-Pascual, PhD
Ramon R. Mesa, MD

Latest generations of phacoemulsification systems provide a variety of options using advanced power modulation of ultrasound energy and improved fluidic control. These advances in technology have enhanced surgical performance and outcomes. The aim of the present study is to carry out a comparative analysis between the balanced 45 and the miniflared 45 tips using the Centurion Vision System in cataract patients.

This study included 100 eyes of 76 patients submitted to cataract surgery using the Centurion Vision system (Alcon Laboratories Inc). This was a randomized, single-masked study in cataract eyes with grade 2-3 (LOCS III). Eyes were randomly assigned to Balanced 45 tip (50 eyes) or Miniflared 45 tip (50 eyes) groups and submitted to cataract surgery with the same Centurion parameters using different tips. All surgeries were performaed by a single experienced surgeon (R.R.M). Assessments included cumulative dissipated energy, ultrasound time, longitudinal energy, torsional energy, fluid volume, aspiration time and intraoperative complications. Comparisons among the two groups were conducted to assess possible differences. The data were analyzed using the SPSS software.

A total of 100 eyes of 76 patients were included in the study. There were no intraoperative complications. Kruskal-Wallis test was used for comparison between tips. Mean ultrasound time was 47.92±5.03 and 53.93±13.37 for the Balanced and Miniflared tips, respectively (P=0.10). Total longitudinal percentage of energy was 0.28±0.23 and 1.34±1.48, respectively (P=0.01). The longitudinal energy time for position 3 was 1.7±1.7 and 15.5±26.5 sec, respectively (P=0.06). The total torsional percentage of energy was 56.14±7.32 and 63.69±8.4, respectively (P=0.02). The torsional energy time for position 3 was 1648.8±765.1 and 1661.5±500 sec, respectively (P=0.48). The cumulative dissipated energy was 0.07±0.01 and 0.09±0.02, respectively (P=0.03). The aspiration time was 35.88±6.33 and 40.20±12.95 sec, respectively (P=0.18). The fluid volume was 23.16±1.04 and 23.85±2.98 m, respectively (P=0.24). 

The Centurion Vision system demonstrated enhanced surgery efficiency both using the Balanced 45 and Miniflared 45 tips.