Impact of Tip Bevel Angulation on Phacoemulsification Efficiency and Chatter

Tuesday, April 21, 2015: 10:06 AM
Room 3 (San Diego Convention Center)
Isha Gupta, BS
Judd M. Cahoon, PhD
Dallas Shi
Cecinio Ronquillo Jr., PhD
Gareth Lance Gardiner, BS
Mohammed A. Farukhi, MD
Jeff H. Pettey, MD
William R. Barlow, MD
Randall J. Olson, MD

To evaluate the effect of tip bevel angulation on phacoemulsification efficiency and chatter.

Formalin-soaked porcine lenses were divided into 2mm cubes. 0.9mm straight 0, 15, 30, 45 beveled degree tips were used with micropulse ultrasound (6ms on and 6ms off). Power was set at 100%, vacuum levels were set at 500mmHg; and aspiration rates were set at 50mL/min. Efficiency (time to lens removal) and chatter (number of lens fragment repulsions from the tip) were determined.

Changing the bevel angulation on a straight 0.9mm phacoemulsification tip had no significant effect on efficiency. A 45 degree bevel tip was the most efficient tip overall. Chatter was seen to be significantly higher with a 15 degree bevel tip (ANOVA, P = 0.0046).

Tip bevel angulation has little effect on phacoemulsification efficiency and chatter especially when optimized parameters are used.