Postoperative Oral Acetazolamide and Prednisolone After Phacoemulsification

Monday, April 20, 2015: 3:31 PM
Room 1B (San Diego Convention Center)
Mohammad Idrees, MD, FCPS, FRCS (Edin)

To evaluate the effectiveness of using oral Acetazolamide and Prednisolone in preventing the post operative rise in intraocular pressure and inflammation after phacoemulsifaction of the cataract with intraocular lens implant.

A total of 38 patients were studied, 20 were male and 18 were female with senile cataract without any ocular, systemic diseases and any contraindication to the use of oral Acetazolamide and oral Prednisolone. Oral Prednisolone 5 mg was given 2 hours after surgery and Acetazolamide 500mg was given orally 4 hours after surgery. Patients were examined next day. Cornea was clear, anterior chamber was quiet and patient remained comfortable after surgery without any ocular discomfort. Intraocular pressure was within normal limits as it was measured with air puff tonometer. Patients were followed up for 12 months and no patient had any evidence of cystoid macular edema. Visual outcome was satisfactory and rapid.

All 38 patients had no ocular or systemic complication during or after the surgery. Visual recovery was smooth and uneventful with rapid visual rehabilitation and satisfactory outcome.

The oral use of a single shot of Prednisolone and Acetazolamide is safe after phaco IOL implant surgery. It prevents post operative inflamation, reduces chances of postoperative rise in intraocular pressure, incidence of post phaco cystoid macular edma is also reduced and patient remains comfortable as there is minimal postoperative inflamation and cornea is clear thus making the visual outcome satisfactory.