Manufacture of Custom IOL Using Femtosecond Laser

Monday, April 20, 2015: 10:13 AM
Ballroom 20ABC (San Diego Convention Center)
Josef F. Bille, PhD
Ruth Sahler, Dipl.-Phys, MSc Med Phys
Sean Enright
Justine Matten
Somaly Chhoeung
Kevin Chan

Purpose: To investigate the process of constructing an intraocular lens using a femtosecond laser. As part of the process the wavelength dependence for different standard available intraocular lens materials must be determined in order to demonstrate an effective and efficient method for the manufacturing of custom hydrophobic intraocular lenses. Methods: The setup consisted of a MaiTai HP wavelength tunable laser, the Inspire Blue SHG unit for the MaiTai, an AOM to control the energy distribution, optics to shape the beam, a high numerical aperture microscope objective lens, a ultra-precise 3D stage system to allow the precise spot placement. The system was setup to create a custom (as to asphericity and diopter) intraocular lens using a 10 diopter Aaren intraocular lens (EC-1Y) as the base material. Results: The setup allowed the investigator to create an intraocular lens with a custom diopter and asphericity through a refractive index change in the lens material inside the acrylic polymer. This change is highly wavelength dependent. The speed, quality and susceptibility of the refractive index change varies with wavelength. Conclusion: The femtosecond laser can be used to manufacture custom (at least as to diopter and asphericity) intraocular lens using a predetermined wavelength.