S-14 Symposium: Cataract Dilemmas and Controversies

Sunday, April 19, 2015: 3:00 PM-4:30 PM
Room 6A (San Diego Convention Center)

Sponsored by the ASCRS Cataract Clinical Committee. 

Pre-approved to qualify for ABO Self-Assessment CME (SACME) credit.

3:00     Welcome

Rosa M. Braga-Mele, MD, FRCSC


3:02     Femto Versus Phaco Alone: Efficiency, Visual Outcomes, and Safety

Sheraz M. Daya, MD, FACS        

Bonnie An Henderson, MD


3:12     Discussion


3:19     Toric Alignment Systems: Office-Based Systems Versus Intraoperative Aberrometry (Accuracy and Efficiency)

Kendall E. Donaldson, MD, MS

John P. Berdahl, MD


3:29     Discussion


3:36     Intracameral Antibiotics/Topical Versus Dropless Cataract Surgery (Safety and Cost/Efficiencies)

David F. Chang, MD

Kent Stiverson, MD

Robert J. Weinstock, MD


3:50     Discussion


3:57     Generic Versus Brand Eye Drops

John A. Vukich, MD

John R. Wittpenn Jr, MD


4:07     Discussion


4:14     Topical Sealants Versus Sutures

Christopher J. Rapuano, MD

David R. Hardten, MD


4:24     Discussion and Closing Remarks

Rosa M. Braga-Mele, MD, FRCSC and Richard S. Hoffman, MD
David F. Chang, MD , Gary Foster, MD , Warren E. Hill, MD , Nick Mamalis, MD , Kevin M. Miller, MD , Tal Raviv, MD and Donald N. Serafano, MD
John P. Berdahl, MD , David F. Chang, MD , Sheraz M. Daya, MD, FACS , Kendall E. Donaldson, MD, MS , David R. Hardten, MD , Bonnie An Henderson, MD , Christopher J. Rapuano, MD , Kent Stiverson, MD , John A. Vukich, MD , Robert J. Weinstock, MD and John R. Wittpenn Jr, MD
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