Skills Lab STS-2: Advanced Phaco

Saturday, April 18, 2015: 1:00 PM-2:30 PM
Room 15A (San Diego Convention Center)

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Skills phaco lab for the experienced surgeon, taught by the experts. Includes tips and latest techniques for phaco: microincisional phaco techniques, chopping, flipping, clear corneal incisions, capsule staining, advanced machine settings, capsular tension rings, and new IOL technology.

Jason J. Jones, MD
Eric C. Amesbury, MD , Steve A. Arshinoff, MD, FRCSC , Shamik Bafna, MD , James Freeman, MD , Eric L. Fry, MD , Emily Graves, MD , John C. Hart Jr, MD , Douglas A. Katsev, MD , Sumitra Khandelwal, MD , Phillips K. Labor, MD , James C. Loden, MD , Boris E. Malyugin, MD, PhD , Richard R. Schulze Jr, MD , William L. Soscia, MD , Arthur J. Weinstein, MD , Michael B. Wilcox, MD and William F. Wiley, MD
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