Skills Lab STS-6: Iris Suture

Sunday, April 19, 2015: 3:00 PM-4:30 PM
Room 15A (San Diego Convention Center)

Attendees must be registered for the meeting to attend Skills Transfer Sessions. These are open to physicians only. An additional registration is required for each Skills Transfer Session; fee for this session is $320. Registration for these sessions is available online at or by phone through Convention Data Services: Domestic (800) 748-5064 or International (508) 743-0538.

Skilled senior surgeons will call upon their time-honored techniques for using sutures in the anterior segment management of complications and anomalies. From simple iris dialysis repair, cycloplegia repair options, traumatic and congenital colobomas to haptic recovery and stabilization of IOLs. Skills lab will provide something to have in your pocket when a surgical challenge occurs.

ASCRS Course 'Iris Suture Repair and IOL Fixation' is the prerequisite for STS5 Iris Suture

Steven B. Siepser, MD, FACS
George H. Beiko, BM BCh , Toby Chan, MD , Javiera M. Compan, MD , Garry P. Condon, MD , David A. Crandall, MD , Neel Desai, MD , Nicole R. Fram, MD , Sebastien Gagne, MD, FRCSC , Wesley K Herman, MD , Jason J. Jones, MD , Juan J. Mura, MD, MHA , Gregory S. H. Ogawa, MD , Gregory D. Parkhurst, MD , Mauricio A. Perez, MD , Guillermo Rocha, MD , Devesh K. Varma, MD, FRCSC and Steven D. Vold, MD
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