ASCRS Paper Session 4-B CORNEA  Imaging and Topography

Tuesday, April 21, 2015: 8:00 AM-9:30 AM
Room 3 (San Diego Convention Center)
Thomas John, MD
Antonio Mendez, MD , Walter Sekundo, MD, PhD and Pravin K. Vaddavalli, MD
8:00 AM
Welcoming Remarks
8:01 AM
Polarimetric Interferometry: New Technique for Assessment of Corneal Stromal Lamellae Orientation
Alfonso Iovieno, MD, PhD; Eugenio Lipari, PhD; Yoav Nahum, MD; Massimo Busin, MD; Luigi Fontana, MD, PhD
8:06 AM
Role of Noncontact Pachymetry Systems in Measurement of Central Corneal Thickness
Pragnya H. Rathod, DNB; Vikram R. Vaidee, MD; Maithil M. Thakkar, MD
8:11 AM
8:26 AM
Variation and Magnitude of Ocular Light Scatter in Keratoconic Corneas
Scott Gardner, MD; George O. Waring IV, MD, FACS; David M. Tremblay, MD
8:31 AM
New Tearscope Made of Paper for Lipid Layer Evaluation in Tear Film–Related Disease
Hosik Hwang, MD, PhD; Eunchul Kim, MD; Man Soo Kim, MD, PhD
8:36 AM
8:46 AM
Evaluation and Comparison of Corneal Ultrastructure in Normal and Keratoconic Eyes Using Spectral-Domain Optical Coherence Tomography
Justin M. Roman, MD; David M. Tremblay, MD; Abid Tariq Javed; Karolinne M. Rocha, MD, PhD; George O. Waring IV, MD, FACS
8:56 AM
Endothelial–Descemet Membrane Complex Optical Tomography for Diagnosis of Corneal Endothelial Cell Dysfunction
Mohamed Abou Shousha, MD, PhD; Joshua Abernathy, BS; Sean L. Edelstein, MD; Matthew Council, MD; Zachary P. Schmitz, BA; Ravi Shah, BS; Rocio Bentivegna, MD; Jianhua Wang, MD, PhD; Sonia H. Yoo, MD; Victor L. Perez, MD
9:01 AM
9:11 AM
Repeatability of Posterior and Total Corneal Curvature Measurements Using Point-Source Color LED and Dual-Scheimpflug Placido Topographers
Eric J. Kim, BS; Mitchell P. Weikert, MD; Li Wang, MD, PhD; Sumitra Khandelwal, MD; Douglas D. Koch, MD
9:16 AM
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