Accuracy of Capsulotomy Creation and Rate of Free-Floating Capsulotomy With New Femtosecond Laser

Monday, April 20, 2015: 1:01 PM
Room 5A (San Diego Convention Center)
Jeffrey Whitman, MD

To evaluate the accuracy of capsulotomy and the rate of successful creation of free-floating capsulotomy on a novel, short-pulse femtosecond laser platform.

In this noncomparative case series, 10 eyes underwent femtosecond laser capsulotomy creation with the VICTUS femtosecond laser (Bausch + Lomb) during cataract surgery. The target capsulotomy diameter was 5.5 mm. The outcomes assessed were capsulotomy diameter and the rate of free-floating capsulotomy.

The mean (± standard deviation) capsulotomy diameter achieved was 5.741 ± 0.101 mm (range 5.620–5.887 mm). Free-floating capsulotomies were achieved in all 10 eyes.

Our data indicate that the VICTUS femtosecond laser system produces accurate capsulotomy architecture and successfully creates a free-floating capsulotomy in eyes undergoing cataract surgery.