Efficacy and Safety of Anterior Capsulotomy Using Femtosecond Laser

Monday, April 20, 2015: 1:06 PM
Room 5A (San Diego Convention Center)
Alexander C. Day, PhD, FRCOphth
Nicola M. Lau, MBBS, BSc(Hons)
Julian D. Stevens, FRCOphth

To describe the efficacy of anterior capsulotomy production and capsulotomy integrity using the AMO Catalys femtosecond laser.

Consecutive case series of 861 femtosecond laser capsulotomies performed between January 2013 and September 2014. The Catalys laser platform was used for anterior capsulotomy, lens fragmentation and astigmatic keratotomy (later if requried). The software versions used were 2.15, 2.20 and cOS 3.

A complete capsulotomy without any tags was achieved in 860/861 cases (99.9%, 95% confidence interval 99.4-100.0%). In the single case where the capsulotomy was incomplete, this was due to the procedure being aborted during capsulotomy laser delivery. There were 2 anterior capsule tears (2/861, 0.23%, 95% CI: 0.04 to 0.74%), one was in a case with corneal scarring secondary to previous scissors injury, the other in a routine case with possible strong Bell's reflex as the only identified risk factor.

Our results suggest high efficacy and safety for anterior capsulotomy production using the Catalys femtosecond laser.