Visual Outcomes of LASIK to Correct Myopia or Myopic Astigmatism With New 500 Hz Excimer Laser System

Monday, April 20, 2015: 4:01 PM
Room 1A (San Diego Convention Center)
Jana Gertnere, MD
Igors Solomatins, MD

To evaluate the clinical outcomes of LASIK to correct myopia or myopic astigmatism using the MEL 90 500 Hz excimer laser. In a recent study the results of treatment are investigated in terms of stability, safety, efficacy, and predictability. Additionally investigate the risk of corneal haze appearance.

This prospective non randomized clinical trial comprised 264 eyes from 132 patients. In the study were included patients with myopia (Sph -0.5 D till -10.0 D) and myopic astigmatism (Cyl -0.25 D till -3.0 D), corrected distance visual acuty (CDVA) of 20/25 or better. All the procedures were performed bilaterally using the eximer laser MEL 90 with Advanced Ablation Algorithm. The flap creation was performed using femtosecond laser or mechanical microkeratome. The follow-up time was 6 months.

One month postoperatively the mean SE was within +/- 0.5 in 100 % and 96% in 6 months. CDVA ≥20/20 had 96.7% treated eyes in 1 month, 95.9% in 3 months and 95% in 6 months. UDVA ≥20/20 had 93.6% of eyes in 1 month,93.9% in 3 months and 91% in 6 months. Safety, in 1 month 81.9% unchanged or gained lines, 85.2% in 3 months and 82.4% in 6 months. 0% of eyes lost 2 lines. No any haze case, no any complications or adverse events.

The LASIK with Advanced Ablation Algorithm profile performed with 500 Hz excimer laser for correcting of low, moderate and high myopia with or without astigmatism shows high results in terms of efficacy, stability, predictability and safety. No specific side effects that might be associated with a high repetition rate occurred.