Quality of Vision and Patient-Reported Outcomes After LASIK With Refractive Suite

Monday, April 20, 2015: 4:06 PM
Room 1A (San Diego Convention Center)
Michael Gordon, MD
Arthur B. Cummings, MD
James A. Gow, MD

To assess the quality of vision (QoV) and patient reported outcomes (PRO) at 1 month in a series of myopic patients having Wavefront Optimized (WO) LASIK surgery with the WaveLight Refractive Suite (EX500 excimer/FS200 femtosecond lasers).

One-hundred ninety-four eyes at 4 sites (2 US, 2 EU). Outcomes include UCVA QoV (grading: 0=blind to 10=perfect vision), spectacle independence (SI), contrast sensitivity (CS), and Refractive Status and Vision Profile (RSVP) questionnaire results.

Eighty-three patients (166 eyes) UCVA QoV improved from 2.6 preop to 9.1 postop. The SI, CS, and RSVP improved from baseline overall.

There were improvements for quality of vision, spectacle independence, contrast sensitivity, and RSVP overall with WO LASIK using the WaveLight Refractive Suite.