Depth of Focus and Functional Binocularity in Patients Implanted With Clear Hydrogel Corneal Inlay

Sunday, April 19, 2015: 3:26 PM
Room 1A (San Diego Convention Center)
Enrique Barragan, MD

To evaluate binocular functionality and depth of focus in patients implanted with hydrogel corneal inlay (Raindrop Near Vision Inlay, ReVision Optics, Inc.) in either one or both eyes.

Prospective, non-randomized, study in patients previously implanted with Raindrop Inlay in one or both eyes with no inlay related complications.  15 binocular (B) and 15 monocular (M) Raindrop patients were consecutively enrolled into this study. All inlays were implanted under a femtosecond flap (1/3 CCT) onto the stromal bed, centered on the light constricted pupil.  ETDRS visual acuities, defocus curves, reading speed, contrast sensitivity and stereopsis will be evaluated.

Interim data (n=14, B:5, M:9) showed slight near vision improvements with two inlays (UNVA-OU B: 0.06 logMAR, M: 0.12 logMAR).  Distance vision was slightly better with one inlay (UDVA-OU B: 0.10 logMAR, M: 0.02 logMAR).  Both groups show similar results with stereopsis (B: 66 secs, M: 62 secs), maximum reading speed (B: 184 wpm, M: 182 wpm), and reading acuity (B: 0.04 logMAR, M: 0.09 logMAR).  Defocus curves were extended with minus lenses (0.3 logMAR or better) from +1.5 D to -2.5 D for both groups.

Patients with one inlay showed slightly better distance vision and patients implanted with two inlays showed slightly better near vision.  Both groups showed extended depth of focus with minus lenses from +1.5 D to -2.5 D.