Vitrector-Assisted Anterior Capsulotomy in Complex Cataract Cases Analysis

Sunday, April 19, 2015: 8:56 AM
Room 5A (San Diego Convention Center)
Deepak Megur, FRCS Ed
Bharathi Megur, MD

To report and analyze the technique of using a vitreous cutter for performing anterior capsulotomy in complex case scenarios.

This is a prospective study involving 20 eyes, which underwent a vitrector assisted anterior capsulotmy in complex case scenarios. 8 eyes were traumatic cataracts with a fibrotic capsule of which 3 had zonular dehiscence, 6 eyes were senile hypermature cataracts with fibrosed and calcified anterior capsules, 6 eyes were phacomorphic glaucomas. Intraoperative events were documented. The patients underwent comprehensive examinations during follow up over a period of 3 months.

Vitrector assisted circular opening could be achieved in 18 eyes. Radial extension was noted in 3 eyes and anterior vitrectomy was needed in 4 eyes.  In 12 eyes IOL could be placed in the capsular bag and in 8 eyes IOLs were implanted in the ciliary sulcus. Best corrected Visual acuity of 6/12 or better could be achieved in 16 eyes.

Vitrector cuts the fibrotic capsule rather than stretching it, thus inducing minimal zonular stress in complex cataract cases Hence the Vitreous cutter is a safe and an efficient tool to make a circular anterior capsular opening in complex cases with fibrosed capsules and loose zonules.