ASCRS Paper Session  1-H GLAUCOMA  Surgical Outcomes

Saturday, April 18, 2015: 3:00 PM-4:30 PM
Room 1B (San Diego Convention Center)
Reay H. Brown, MD
Nathan M. Radcliffe, MD , Steven R. Sarkisian Jr., MD and Michael C. Stiles, MD
3:00 PM
Welcoming Remarks
3:11 PM
Ab Interno Approach to Subconjunctival Space: First 567 Eyes Treated With New Minimally Invasive Gel Stent for Treating Glaucoma
Herbert A. Reitsamer, MD; Markus Lenzhofer, MD; Melchior Hohensinn, MD; Helmut R. Höh, MD, FEBO
3:21 PM
3:26 PM
Novel Aqueous Humor Microshunt Implanted Alone or Combined With Phacoemulsification: 3-Year Follow-up
Juan F. Batlle Sr, MD; Rachel Alburquerque, MD; Adalgisa Corona, MD; Leonard Pinchuk, PhD, DSc; Yasushi P. Kato, PhD; Esdras A. Arrieta, MD; Paul F. Palmberg, MD, PhD; Richard K. Parrish II, MD; Bruce A. Weber, BS, MBA; Jean-Marie A. Parel, PhD, FARVO
3:36 PM
Intermediate-Term Outcomes of Affordable Aqueous Drainage Implant in Refractory Glaucoma
George V. Puthuran, MS; Paul F. Palmberg, MD, PhD; Alan L. Robin, MD; Steven J. Gedde, MD; Krishna Das, MS
3:41 PM
3:51 PM
Long-Term Outcomes After Endothelial Keratoplasty and Glaucoma Drainage Device Implantation
Caroline Marie Schmidt, MD; Benjamin J. Frankfort, MD, PhD; Sumitra Khandelwal, MD; Peter T. Chang, MD; Silvia Orengo-Nania, MD; Kristin Schmid, MD
4:01 PM
4:06 PM
Barriers to Glaucoma Medication Compliance Among Veterans: Dry Eye Symptoms and Anxiety Disorders
Jack Stringham, MD; Noy Ashkenazy, MS; Anat Galor, MD, MSPH; Sarah R. Wellik, MD
4:21 PM
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