ASCRS Paper Session 2-H  PRESBYOPIA  Multifocal IOLs

Sunday, April 19, 2015: 1:00 PM-2:30 PM
Room 1B (San Diego Convention Center)
Gregory D. Parkhurst, MD
Christoph Kranemann, MD and Bruna V. Ventura, MD
1:00 PM
Welcoming Remarks
1:02 PM
Comparison of Visual Results and Optical Performance With 2 Multifocal IOLs
Sergio Colosio, MD; Mario Augusto Chaves, MD; Leonardo Costa Müller, MD; Eduardo S. Gonçalves, MD; Rauber A. Bueno, MD; Aline Silva Guimaraes, MD; Milton R. Alves, MD, PhD; Antonio F. P. Motta, MD; Celso Takashi Nakano, MD; Wilson T. Hida, MD, PhD
1:07 PM
Multifocal IOLs With +2.5 D Near Addition in Japanese Eyes: 1-Year Results
Hiroko Bissen-Miyajima, MD, PhD; Ken Hayashi, MD; Manabu Hirasawa, MD; Motoaki Yoshida, MD; Kunihiko Nakamura, MD, PhD; Miki Masumoto, MD
1:12 PM
Results of Implantation With New Multifocal IOL With Adjusted Apodization
Ruth Lapid-Gortzak, MD, PhD; Ivanka J. Van Der Meulen, MD PhD; Jan Willem Van Der Linden, BOptom, FAAO
1:17 PM
Comparison Study of Visual and Optical Outcomes of Multifocal IOLs
Eduardo S. Gonçalves, MD; Wilson T. Hida, MD, PhD; Fernando De Bortoli Nogueira, MD; Mario Augusto Chaves, MD; Leonardo Costa Müller, MD; Sergio Colosio, MD; Anna Beatriz Muzachi, MD; André Gustavo R. de Araújo, MD; Patrick F. Tzelikis, MD, PhD; Milton R. Alves, MD, PhD
1:22 PM
1:47 PM
2:02 PM
Evaluation of Blended Vision With Rotational Asymmetric MIOLs With Additions of +1.5 D and +3.0 D
Karsten Klabe, MD; Hakan Kaymak, MD; Detlev R. Breyer, MD; Corinna Pohl, PhD; Florian T. Kretz, MD; Gerd U. Auffarth, MD
2:07 PM
Reading Performance Evaluation of Patients With Apodized Diffractive Multifocal IOL Using Salzburg Reading Desk
Mike P. Holzer, MD; Mary S. A. Attia, MD; Ramin Khoramnia, MD; Gerd U. Auffarth, MD
2:12 PM
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