ASCRS Paper Session 4-K PRESBYOPIA  Miscellaneous

Tuesday, April 21, 2015: 1:00 PM-2:30 PM
Room 3 (San Diego Convention Center)
John T. LiVecchi, MD, FACS
Alice T. Epitropoulos, MD, FACS , Mounir A. Khalifa, MD, PhD and Eduardo F. Marques, MD
1:00 PM
Welcoming Remarks
1:01 PM
Efficacy of Presbyopia Treatment With Scleral Implants: 3-Year Results
Ming Wang, MD, PhD; Nathan D. Rock, OD; Megan L. Blemker, OD
1:16 PM
1:33 PM
Extending Depth of Focus With Small-Aperture Intraocular Supplementary Device
Bruno C. Trindade, MD; Claudio C. Trindade, MD; Fernando C. Trindade, MD, PhD
1:38 PM
1:45 PM
1:50 PM
Impacts of Spherical Aberration and Coma on Through-Focus Visual Performance
Haein Moon, MD; Myoung Joon Kim, MD, PhD; Hungwon Tchah, MD, PhD; Jae Yong Kim, MD, PhD
1:55 PM
Real-Time Imaging of Accommodation With Transscleral and Anterior Segment Optical Coherence Tomography
Florence Cabot, MD; Marco Ruggeri, PhD; Fabrice Manns; Carolina P. de Freitas, BS; Victor M. Hernandez; Sonia H. Yoo, MD; Jean-Marie A. Parel, PhD, FARVO
2:00 PM
Three-Dimensional Computational Model of Mechanics of Human Ocular Accommodation
AnnMarie Hipsley, PhD; Daniel B. Goldberg, MD; Silvia S. Blemker, PhD
2:05 PM
2:22 PM
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