ASCRS Paper Session 1-F CATARACT  IOL Design

Saturday, April 18, 2015: 1:00 PM-2:30 PM
Room 5B (San Diego Convention Center)
Randall J. Olson, MD
James D. Lehmann, MD , Ken Y. Lin, MD, PhD and Elizabeth Yeu, MD
1:00 PM
Welcoming Remarks
1:01 PM
Anti-Dysphotopic IOL Update
Samuel Masket, MD; Nicole R. Fram, MD; H. Burkhard Dick, MD; Oliver Findl, MD; Tim Schultz, MD
1:06 PM
Comparison of the Simulated Negative Dysphotopsia of an IOL to Published Clinical Observations
Huawei Zhao, PhD; Mihai State; Luuk Franssen; Marrie van der Mooren, MSc; Henk Weeber, PhD; Patricia A. Piers, PhD
1:11 PM
1:19 PM
Evaluation of in Vitro Glistening Formation in Different Hydrophobic Acrylic IOLs
Ramin Khoramnia, MD; Tamer Tandogan, MD; Florian T. Kretz, MD; Gerd U. Auffarth, MD
1:24 PM
1:34 PM
1:42 PM
Comparison of 3 Designs of PCO-Preventing Rings
Guy Kleinmann, MD; Lee Slutzky
1:52 PM
2:00 PM
Evaluation of Uveal and Capsular Biocompatibility of Single-Piece Hydrophobic Acrylic Lens With UV/O3 Treatment on the Posterior Surface
Mohammed A. Farukhi, MD; Liliana Werner, MD, PhD; Gareth Lance Gardiner, BS; Scott C. Cole, MD; Shail A. Vasavada, DO, DNB, FICO; Nick Mamalis, MD
2:05 PM
In Vitro Optical Bench Analysis of Spherical and Aspheric Optic Design of the Same IOL Model
Ramin Khoramnia, MD; Tamer Tandogan, MD; Mike P. Holzer, MD; Gerd U. Auffarth, MD
2:10 PM
Impact on Optical Quality of Opacified Versus Clear Monofocal One-Piece IOLs: Laboratory Study
Florian T. Kretz, MD; Tamer Tandogan, MD; Ramin Khoramnia, MD; Gerd U. Auffarth, MD
2:20 PM
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